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Three Tips for Your Social Media & Your Job

Social Media at Work - Know The PolicyBefore Social Media it was so much easier to separate your work from your personal life, but not so anymore. With Social Media, sharing your personal life can now impact your job, and usually more negatively than positively. It’s smart to assume that anything you put on any social network is for public viewing.

To make sure your social life lived out loud on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Musically and the whole host of other social networks doesn’t get you fired, take note!

3 Good-To-Follow Guidelines for Social Media

  1. Your company probably has a social media policy. Read it. Adhere to it. Really.
  2. Don’t be a bully. If you use social media to harass, intimidate or bully a coworker, customer or someone in public, expect to lose your job. No racial, ethnic or religious slurs, no threats, no sexual taunts or innuendo.
  3. Don’t criticize your company or your boss, your clients or your colleagues on social media….no matter how private you think it is.

So common sense rules the day!

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