Best Foot Forward

Texting is for Informal Conversations

Informal-Conversations@HighTexting, Facebook, Snapchat, Slack, email, phone calls, letters, notes, Twitter — the list goes of ways we all communicate every day today – there are days when we use all of these.  Some are for informal conversations – others are for cover-your-butt evidence. It’s important to know which communication method you should use for different types of conversations.

For the most part — keep formal conversations off of your Text or IM. What’s formal? Accepting a job, negotiating a salary, quitting a job, registering a complaint — things that require keeping in order to move them forward. Resist the urge to take the short way out  and type out an email without shortcuts (IMHO, TY, ICYMI, etc.) or make a phone call. Trust us, this goes a long way in creating a professional, positive impression.

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