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Why is it Important to Have Work-Life Integration?

Episode 23

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In this episode of Everything Speaks, Lee sits down with Shawn Murphy, CEO and founder of Switch and Shift, a consultancy dedicated to developing positive business and leadership practices. Shawn is also the author of The Optimistic Workplace, a book that teaches you how to cultivate a positive work environment. Together they talk about why Shawn believes millennials approach their careers with a different mindset – and why that’s a good thing.

Key takeaways:

  • Organizations need to shift their mindsets to value and implement meaningful work, a sense of purpose, autonomy and flexibility to attract and retain today’s worker.
  • In order to avoid disappointment in your first job, before you apply, do research on the company, and specifically, the culture. Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn can all give you clues.
  • If you don’t know how to handle a work situation or conversation, then start with that. Have a request and an offer ready.
  • When you ask for a mentor, tell them why you chose them, what you re working on, how long you want the relationship to last, and how you envision connecting with them.
  • From a performance perspective, you will get more out of employees if they are able to spend time doing non-work things. That’s why work life integration matters.
  • If you ask for work life balance, be a trailblazer and make it work! What are you willing to do to accommodate your requests?

Resources: Switch and Shift

The Optimistic Workplace

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