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Why Context is Queen, with Lee Caraher and Liz O’Donnell

Episode 39

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As the Chief Content Officer for Double Forte, Liz combines her PR, marketing and writing skills to counsel clients on their content and social media strategies and to maintain the editorial calendar and voice for the agency. Over the years she has worked as the Vice President of Marketing for an international flooring company and led media and communications programs for a range of clients from Fortune 100 companies to early-stage startups in the technology, consumer and professional services industries.

An award-winning writer, Liz is the author of two books about the challenges of working women balancing career and caregiving. She is also active in the influencer community: Liz runs an online community with thousands of members, and her first blog was named one of the Best Blogs for Women by Fortune Magazine several years in a row.
Liz is active in her community and serves on her town’s Finance and Warrant Committee. She is also committed to supporting other women and co-founded both SheStarts, an organization for women entrepreneurs, as well as Women In Democracy-Dedham, a non-partisan group that seeks to engage more women in local politics.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why context is vital for every aspect of communication
  • How context ties into client services and PR
  • Tips for keeping context front and center – even in long email chains
  • How to utilize context in social media strategy
  • The importance of asking “why” as much as possible


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