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What Does Professionalism Mean to a Millennial?

Episode 21

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In this episode of Everything Speaks, host Lee Caraher sits down with John Bragle, Director of Choirs and Instructor of Voice at the Interlochen Arts Academy. As an educator, John works with students to fine tune their performance art. As a result, he knows quite a bit about millennials – a generation raised in a world full of text messages and emoticons.

Lee and John talk about what professionalism means to millennials. Listen in to hear why setting the bar high, gets great results and how focusing on process creates a fantastic process. And perhaps, most importantly, why you should never address a prospective employer with, “hi there.“

Key takeaways:

  • Be as enthusiastic as possible, as soon as possible, when people are starting new ventures. It will expand your brand and theirs.
  • RSVP immediately, even if you can’t go. The more invitations you get, the more influential you are.
  • When you expect adult behaviors, you get adult results.
  • Passion matters. There are very few careers where being well-rounded is the top qualification for something.
  • Pursuing something at the elite level is more valuable than being at the elite level, because you’ve had the opportunity to try something and to dive deeply into it.
  • There’s no age or experience or degree or certification boundary for acting like a professional. That’s just a matter of willpower and knowledge.
  • Don’t practice something until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong.
  • Winging it in business seldom works.
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