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The Rules of Restaurant Etiquette, with Lee Caraher

Episode 13

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In this solo episode, Everything Speaks host Lee Caraher talks about restaurant etiquette. Why does it matter? Well you may have to go to a formal lunch or dinner to pass muster for a job or with a client, and poor dining etiquette distracts from how great you are. So, learn the dining etiquette basics so that eating doesn’t speak poorly about you.

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  1. Napkins: belong in laps, do not belong in your collar, and should never be used as a tissue
  2. Cellphones: turn them off and put them away. If you need to make a call, excuse yourself from the table and check your phone in the bathroom.
  3. Eating is not a race. Start eating when everyone’s been served, and the highest ranking person picks up their fork or tells you to start eating. Eat slowly. Chew with your mouth closed. You’re not there just to eat, you’re there to dine, and dining requires good conversation.
  4. Don’t brush your hair, put on your makeup or check out your teeth in a mirror (or the knife blade). Ever.
  5. Body language – this is not sitting on the couch at home. Sit up, keep your legs close together (hello! No manspreading) and pay attention.
  6. Drinking alcohol. You don’t have to drink if you don’t want to. If your host has a drink, feel free to drink one drink. If they have 2, have two as long as you’re not driving home soon. No more than 2 drinks.

And much much more.

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