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The Rise of Generative AI and What it Means for Us All, with Gabriel Munoz

Episode 82

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Gabriel Munoz began his career at Double Forte as an intern and now, almost 5 years in, he is a Senior Account Executive. He is known for staying positive and cool under pressure, and making good things happen for his clients and his colleagues.

Before joining the agency, Gabriel worked as a Media Relations Intern at the noted Commonwealth Club of California and was a six-year employee at Starbucks, where he won the 2018 District Barista Championship and Partner of the Quarter.

A graduate of San Jose State University, Gabriel received a BA in Public Relations with an academic focus in Photography. Currently, Gabriel resides in San Francisco’s historic Castro District.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How AI can be helpful to companies looking to gain more time for strategic tasks
  • The dangers of AI and how it can lead to more mistrust
  • How to dip your toes into AI in a structured way
  • Why it’s important to set up boundaries for yourself or your company before diving into AI
  • Why everyone in communications needs to proceed with using AI
  • How to make sure you don’t use AI as a crutch in your career


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