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The Irrefutable Power of Data in Media Relations, with Becca Eisenberg

Episode 90

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Specializing in public relations spanning lifestyle, healthcare, life sciences and financial industries, Rebecca Eisenberg brings ten plus years of experience and numerous media relationships. Though garnering press coverage for clients is her main focus, Rebecca has extensive experience with branding, events and marketing strategy.

Her passion for storytelling combined with her love of building and nurturing relationships make her a valuable addition to any team, successfully garnering top-tier press placements for clients across the board.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How the right data can help you stand out in today‚Äôs media landscape
  • How to use data to validate your story and gain credibility
  • What types of data you can use to effectively tell your story
  • How adding data to your pieces can help gain trust with reporters and editors
  • Why it matters how you present your data
  • How to play the long game with reporters by giving them valuable content over time


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