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Telling the Tale of Your Potential, with Joanna Bloor

Episode 68

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Joanna Bloor has transformed thousands of lives worldwide as a career futurist. A former Silicon Valley executive, TED speaker, and trusted advisor to leaders worldwide, she’s been described as a glittering buzzsaw that cuts through all the workplace BS. She offers thought leadership about the future of work and gives talks on creating thriving organizations where team members are known and wanted for what they want to offer.

Joanna’s upcoming book, Tales of Potential: The Cinderella Story You Haven’t Heard, flips the script on a famous and underestimated fairy tale ingenue to reveal real-life success lessons hidden in plain sight. The reframed story has much to teach modern professionals of all genders about the true nature of ambition, courage, risk-taking, generosity, and the key actions to take if you want to manifest your most sparkling future self.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why you need to choose words that describe your potential and own them
  • How knowing your potential can help you navigate a fulfilling career
  • Why it’s important to do “potential interviews” with your coworkers to understand what they see for your future
  • How understanding what you offer and want to offer can help with salary negotiations
  • How the power of your word choice can reflect the way you present yourself


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