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Take it or Leave it Only Works for Mark Zuckerberg (feat. Linda Yates)

Episode 50

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This week on Everything Speaks, Double Forte CEO and Everything Speaks host Lee Caraher sits down with executive coach Linda Yates, the Image Energizer, author of the book, Beyond the Clothes, and host of the podcast The Executive Edge. Together Linda and Lee talk about how truly, everything speaks. Linda shares how everything we do gets broadcasted and provides contextual clues about who you are both as a person and a professional. She also shares great tips for managing your image whether you are just starting out, or need an overhaul.

Key takeaways:

  • Your image is broadcast in everything you do.
  • How you dress, speak, behave and lead all project an image of you.
  • When you behave in a way that doesn’t sit well with you, notice it and learn from it.
  • A take me as I am attitude only works for about 1 percent of the population.
  • Stay humble and be willing to learn and evolve.
  • When it comes to your work wardrobe, fit is the most important factor. Watch for length, puckering, stretching, etc.
  • Everything we put out – how we act, speak, dress – reverberates.
  • A tailor is a smart career investment.
  • The second most important factor about the clothes you wear is that they are well cared for – no stains, missing buttons, etc.
  • Control what you can control.
  • Eye contact is key! When you are making a connection, put your device down and stay in the moment.
  • If you are uncomfortable with eye contact, practice. It is a skill you can learn.
  • You need to show that you are engaged in a meeting and in the workplace. You can’t assume that people think you are.
  • Focus on your strengths and make your weaknesses irrelevant.
  • Even if you’re not passionate about what you do, find something about your job that you can get passionate about.


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