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Starting a Career in Public Relations, with Michael Caraher

Episode 53

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Michael T. Caraher is a recent college graduate and young professional. He earned two degrees at St. Olaf College and is currently an account coordinator at Gravitate PR.

He joins the show today to share his insights about how to approach your first job out of college and also shares his journey from college graduate to working in the PR field, moving across the country, and the challenges and conflicting advice he got along the way.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Michael analyzed the skills he cultivated through his education in music to transfer them into a professional career in PR
  • How a job in PR trains you to be a good employee anywhere
  • Why PR professionals are facing a challenge getting their stories picked up by media outlets
  • What advantages (if any) Michael believes he has from growing up with a mother in PR ( 😀 )
  • Michael’s advice for anyone looking to start their career in Public Relations



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