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Speaking While Female, with Dana Rubin

Episode 81

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Dana Rubin is an author, consultant, speechwriter, and speaker who’s on a mission to encourage more women to put their views into the public square. She created the Speaking While Female Speech Bank to broaden our understanding of the role of women orators in history. It’s the world’s largest online archive of women’s speeches from around the world and across time, free for anyone to use. Dana has just published a women’s speech anthology, “Speaking While Female: 75 Extraordinary Speeches by American Women,” which tells the story of America through the voices of women from 1637-2021. Dana leads workshops that support women to be thought leaders, subject matter experts, brand ambassadors, and role models for future generations.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why it is crucial to have more women as subject matter experts to put their knowledge and expertise into the world
  • What sparked the inspiration for Dana to create the database of women’s speeches across US history
  • How Dana came up with the criteria for the 75 extraordinary speeches in her book
  • What Dana hopes will change for women when they hear and know the history of the these women orators before us and the obstacles they faced to be heard and respected
  • How people can use the book “Speaking While Female”
  • The critical importance of having a resource that values these speeches and shares the stories of women that have been left out of history books


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