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Never Say Whatever, with Richard A. Moran

Episode 73

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Richard A. Moran, a popular, long time San Francisco based business leader, workplace pundit, bestselling author, consultant and venture capitalist, is a General Partner at Tonic Bioventures.  He is best known for his series of humorous business books beginning with bestselling, “Never Confuse a Memo with Reality” that started the genre of “Business Bullet Books.”​

Moran previously served as President of Menlo College, CEO and Vice Chairman at Accretive Solution, as a Partner at Venrock, Chairman of the Board at Portal Software, and as a Partner at Accenture. Moran has served on the Boards of Glu Mobile Games, Winery Exchange, and Mechanics Bank among others. He currently serves on the boards of AxoProtego, LBA Logistics, New Day Investing, World Wide Women and others.

Moran is active also in the technology ecosystem in Ireland and is a member of the Global Irish Network, a network launched in 2010 and that is comprised of 350 of the most senior Irish and Irish connected business people from over 40 countries. 

Moran is a radio personality featured on KCBS Radio in San Francisco. He is The host of “​In the Workplace,” a program that discusses workplace issues and airs weekly to over a million listeners. He is also a frequent contributor as an Influencer on LinkedIn.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How removing “whatever” from your vocabulary can change your life
  • Why you convey a message of indifference and lack of motivation when you use the phrase “whatever”
  • What the “2 minute rule” is, and why it’s the best way to make decisions
  • Why a gut decision is only good when it is informed
  • How you can improve your life by making small choices and moving on without overthinking
  • Why your actions need to be led with intent


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