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Mental Health in a 24-hour News Cycle, with Emily Smith

Episode 54

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Emily Smith is not only Vice President at Double Forte, but she is also an incredible mentor and an amazing caretaker of those on her team and at the agency.

Emily is an energetic communications and PR professional with more than fourteen years of experience developing and executing strategic campaigns with proven results.

She is a highly motivated, thoughtful, and supportive manager who leads with kindness and integrity, and she is guided and driven by community building and social good. She values creative thinking, collaboration and building purpose and positivity in the workplace.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How the 24-hour news cycle can affect our mental health
  • How our backgrounds can influence what news stories impact us
  • Why it’s important to balance heavier news stories with something more lighthearted
  • How taking action after reading something that sparks emotion can help remove some of our anxious energy
  • The importance of demonstrating patience in the workplace and meeting people where they are


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