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How to Leverage a Non-Traditional Degree (feat. Scott Cook)

Episode 31

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Today on Everything Speaks, host and Double Forte CEO Lee Caraher sits down with Scott Cook, an account executive at Lessonly, a startup that builds learning software for onboarding employees. Together they discuss whether or not your college major affects your career. Scott, who received a master’s in trumpet performance, realized that although music was his passion, he didn’t want to turn it into a professional career. Next Scott pursued a career in a rock climbing gym. Ultimately, by leveraging his connections and searching for a career that utilized his diverse skill set, Scott discovered he was a natural fit for sales.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your passion and your job don’t have to be the same thing.
  • Think about how the lessons you learn pursuing your passion or earning your degree carry over to the business world and apply them.
  • Good contributors who are hard to work with don’t get work. You need to know how to function in a team.
  • Hiring is random. Use your contacts. Use your unique skills and network.
  • Attitude, culture and approach are inherent.
  • Having the skills to do a job is important, but if you have the right mindset and the right drive and the right approach, the skills can be learned.
  • Be honest with yourself and the people around you about your skills and your interests and you will land in the right company and the right role.


Follow Scott on Twitter: @CookWS

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