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How to Find Your Niche (feat. Robert Kueffer)

Episode 42

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On the latest episode of Everything Speaks, host and Double Forte CEO Lee Caraher interviews Robert Kueffer, Digital Marketing and Design Coordinator at John Snow Research and Training Institute Inc., a public health consulting firm. Robert shares how he went from life in Wisconsin to working in Washington, D.C. on an international HIV and AIDS project via a temporary assignment from a staffing firm.  Robert  background doesn’t necessarily match his current responsibilities but he explains to Lee how a lifetime of experiences came together to lead him to his current role.

Key Takeaways:

  1. You do not to need know what your career goals are when you start college.
  2. Be open to what you develop a passion for.
  3. If you have the chance to study or travel abroad, take the opportunity. It helps you stand out.
  4. Weave together the position and career that makes sense for you based on your combined interests and experiences.
  5. Sending resumes from another city can feel like an uphill battle. It’s easier to find a job in a place if you already live there. Companies want to know that you want to live in the area.
  6. Continue to take courses and attend seminars and webinars. You will never graduate with all of the skills you need in your career. Keep learning!
  7. Getting the first job is an important step. It doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to be a start.

Additional Resources:

Twitter: @robertkueffer

LinkedIn: Robert Kueffer

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