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How to Bring Clarity and Positive Relationships to Your Contracts, with Sharon Toerek

Episode 96

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Sharon Toerek is Founder of Toerek Law, where she leads her national law practice on helping advertising, marketing and creative services professionals protect and monetize their intellectual capital and manage the legal implications of their marketing and advertising work. Sharon provides proactive, strategic counsel to communications, marketing, advertising and creative agencies on legal and business issues they face continually in their work, including:

-agency-client relationships, including agency service contracts
-agency-freelancer relationship management
-trademark and brand protection matters
-influence marketing, social media and content marketing legal compliance
-copyright protection, licensing and transfer of creative content
-advertising law

Sharon is an approved participant on the 4A’s Legal Consultants Panel, and a Past President of the American Ad Federation (AAF) Cleveland.

Sharon is also the Publisher of the marketing industry legal blog Legal + Creative. Sharon created the Legal + Creative Agency Protection System, a comprehensive legal education resource and toolkit for marketing, ad and creative services agencies. She is also the creator and host of The Innovative Agency, a podcast about innovation and trends in the marketing agency world.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Why you need professional legal (and accounting) support so you can put your full focus on running a good service business
  • What you can learn about a potential client during the negotiation process
  • The 3Ds – creating a strong statement of work around your Dollars, Deadlines, and Deliverables
  • How to approach the topic of AI in your contracts and discussions
  • Why clarity at the beginning of a relationship is so vital to success


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