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How to Avoid a Scripted Career (feat. Tom Mulliez)

Episode 60

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Tom Mulliez had a scripted career path. After attending McGill University and majoring in international business and marketing, Tom was ready to join the family business. But he quickly realized that checking off someone else’s boxes wasn’t going to lead him to his own personal happiness.

A move to Costa Rica and a couple of jobs later, Tom is now the founder of iTREKKERS, an outdoor adventure guiding company located in Florida. Lee and Tom discuss the importance of paving your own path in business.

Key Takeaways

  • If you’re at a job you don’t enjoy today, figure out specifically why you don’t like it.
  • Always ask your boss how you can become more involved in areas that you enjoy.
  • You set your own tone for success.
  • You’re always going to have people who are going to be unhappy with your service, no matter what you do.
  • Learn what is making customers happy and do those things to every customer.
  • Work for a company that follows your passion, even if you’ve got to start at the bottom.
  • You’re better off starting at the bottom in a company that you believe in than trying for a midlevel position in a company that you don’t believe in.
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