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How My PR Skills Helped Me Launch My Dream Business With Julie Kim

Episode 11

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In this episode of Everything Speaks, host Lee Caraher talks with Saison Beauty CEO Julie Kim who transitioned from her successful career in PR and Marketing to a new career as the founder of the wonderful organic skin care brand Saison Beauty.

In the interview Lee and Julie talk about all the different places a PR career can take you.

Three PR skills that helped prepare her to be able to launch her own company.

  1. The art of crafting a story. Storytelling is the key to engaging with customers and consumers.
  2. The art of pitching – another word for selling. PR is the perfect career to learn how to
  3. The art of multitasking and the notion of billable hours. How Julie learned the value of time and how to prioritize work to the most high value work you can do, effectively and efficiently. Julie talks in depth about how “counting” and keeping track of time that most agencies, consultants and freelancers do to bill their clients has set her up for prioritizing for impact.


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