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Hiring is Random (with Amy Vernetti)

Episode 24

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In this episode of Everything Speaks, Lee Caraher talks to Amy Vernetti, director of leadership recruiting at Moonshots where she recruits and hires executives for Google’s next generation of big ideas. Lee and Amy talk about how college students and people starting their careers can prepare for their interviews and advance their hiring chances.

Key takeaways:

  1. You should create an interesting narrative about yourself and practice delivering it.
  2. Starting as early as freshman year in college look for ways to build that narrative – travel, volunteer, find opportunities to create a variety of experiences
  3. The goal in an interview is to create a connection with the person who is interviewing you
  4. Do your research before an interview so you can ask smart questions.
  5. Hiring is random, not logical so schedule as many interviews as possible.
  6. Information interviews are gold. Use your alumni connections to set them up.
  7. Know every video meeting platform and practice using it so that if you do a video interview you are prepared.

Resources:  Millennials & Management

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