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Getting to the Point, with Joel Schwartzberg

Episode 42

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Joel Schwartzberg is a presentation skills ninja who shares his incredible experience and expertise generously for a wide range of organizations and companies. Currently Senior Director of Strategic and Executive Communications for a major U.S. nonprofit, Joel Schwartzberg teaches effective presentation techniques to clients including American Express, State Farm Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Comedy Central, and the Brennan Center for Justice. Joel’s books include The Language of Leadership and Get to the Point! and his articles appear in Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, CNBC, and Toastmaster Magazine. A frequent conference presenter and workshop leader, Joel is also a former National Champion competitive public speaker who was inducted into the National Forensic Association Hall of Fame. Follow him on Twitter @TheJoelTruth or contact him at

What you will learn in this episode:

  • 3 Tips for how to effectively participate in a video call
  • How raising your volume increases your positive impression
  • The importance of knowing the point you want to make and reverse-engineering your presentation to center around it
  • Why you should always aim to make an impact with your communications
  • The power of words, and tactics you can use to appear more confident and competent
  • Why you should consistently build your communication around what your audience needs to hear rather than what you want to say


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