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Gaining Composure – the Ultimate Behavior that Speaks for Leaders, with Kate Purmal

Episode 19

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Kate is a Board Director at ABD Insurance and Financial Services and a Business Advisor and Executive Coach. She is also an author and a Senior Fellow at Georgetown University.

Kate is a passionate advocate for diversity at the highest levels of business and is a firm believer that unwavering optimism can transcend even the most daunting systemic barriers in the workplace. She has spent decades as an executive coach, bringing out brilliance in leaders and their teams. Kate launched her career as a member of Palm Inc.’s founding management team before becoming a Senior Vice President at SanDisk.

She has subsequently served as CEO and COO for several start-ups and privately held companies and serves as an Independent Board Director. Kate now applies her expertise to research gender equity in the C-Suite as a Senior Industry Fellow at Georgetown University.

Kate is a guest lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business, University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, and Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. She is the author of The Moonshot Effect: Disrupting Business as Usual.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How your demeanor and your presence speaks for you
  • Why we value confidence over competence
  • How preparation relates to a lot of anxiety
  • How having composure helps you be less reactive under pressure
  • The difference in how men and women self-talk
  • How awareness helps develop a calmer presence
  • What three-phase process can you use to become less reactive and project confidence


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