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Expressing Emotions in the Workplace, with Tiffany Castagno

Episode 41

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Tiffany Castagno is CEO & Founder of CEPHR, LLC, an HR Consultancy Firm in Pittsburgh, PA. Their mission includes supporting Start-ups and Non-profits through focused partnering. They assist in building out their client’s programs, processes, policies, procedures, and infrastructures to develop a strong employer brand and culture.

Tiffany is extremely passionate about cultivating the evolution of the HR profession toward new strategic heights. She has practiced Human Resources for 14 years and enjoys volunteering her time in the Community.

Tiffany is also a co-author of Can a Zebra Change Its Stripes?, a children’s book in the series Bruno’s Amazing Adventures. In addition to running a super successful business, one of Tiffany’s missions is to change the world, one child at a time.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How bringing your authentic self to work increases your performance
  • The unintended message leaders convey when they do not allow employees to express their emotions in the workplace
  • What beneficial environment leaders cultivate when they provide employees space to express themselves emotionally
  • How allowing employees to express themselves improves productivity
  • How human resources can use their position to empower and maximize human potential
  • What the future of work looks like in a post-pandemic world


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