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Embracing the “Unfortunately, No.” Philosophy, with Shawn Casemore

Episode 77

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As a professional speaker, consultant, advisor, and author, Shawn Casemore has traveled the globe to help companies introduce what he calls Unstoppable SellingTM. Shawn is the Owner and Founder of Casemore and Co. Inc., a global consulting company helping business owners, sales executives, and sales leaders accelerate their sales results.

Shawn delivers keynotes at large conferences and events as well as company kickoffs on topics related to selling in today’s economy. He also frequently writes for publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and dozens of other online and print publications.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The philosophy behind The Power of Saying “Unfortunately, No”
  • The power of the pushback in sales and negotiation
  • How to respectfully pushback
  • How to use “Unfortunately, No.” as a transitional phrase
  • Why saying “Unfortunately, No.” can actually build value and increase customer interest
  • How to make sure that the language we use specifically throughout the sales process is ensuring that there are no surprises for our prospects


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