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Don’t Let Uptalking Speak for You, with Lee Caraher

Episode 15

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Lee McEnany Caraher is the founder and CEO of Double Forte, a national public relations and digital media agency, based in San Francisco, New York and Eau Claire, WI that works with beloved consumer, technology, and wine brands and professional services companies. Lee is a highly sought-after communications expert known for her straight-talk, practical strategic counsel, and business-building acumen. And she has a big laugh that gets her out of trouble (sometimes).

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What is uptalk, and how it differs from straight/declarative talk
  • What does uptalking say about you
  • How questions when they are not intended take away your power
  • Why do women tend to uptalk more than men
  • How uptalk impacts your credibility and influence
  • When is it okay to use uptalk
  • How do you stop uptalking


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