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Become Positively Predictable, with Lee Caraher

Episode 95

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Communications is the CENTER OF ALL THINGS. On the pod, Lee interviews interesting communications pros, CEOs, branding experts, and authors to bring key insights that can be used in the day to day to make your work, your PR, your marketing WORK. Occasionally, she goes it alone to share her thoughts and insights on key topics of the day in solo shows.

Today is a Solo Show with your host, Lee Caraher.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What it means to be positively predictable
  • How predictability drives clarity, which leads to effective leadership
  • The benefits of repeating yourself
  • How predictability creates stability, and how that can help you attract and retain talent
  • Why you need to be predictable about how you signal change
  • How clarity impacts every part of the organization, both internally and externally


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