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Be Better in Meetings (with Joe Kowalke)

Episode 19

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In the this episode of Everything Speaks, host Lee Caraher speaks with Double Forte’s own Joe Kowalke about why meetings matter.  The average office worker spends between 35 to 50 percent of their time in meetings so, as Lee says, “Just showing up is not showing up.” You must be an active participant in the meetings you attend.

Lee and Joe share how to manage nonverbal communications, why you should never manspread, how to move a conversation forward, how to drive clarity in a meeting, why you should always ask questions in a meeting, and what questions you shouldn’t ask!

Key takeaways:

  • Always SLANT in meetings. Sit up. Lean forward. Ask questions. Nod. Talk.
  • People listen to you when you go toward them. They stop listening when you move away.
  • Nod to show agreement and provide positive feedback. Ask questions to redirect the conversation and get the meeting back on track.
  • You need to speak in a meeting. If you are in the room, or on the call, you are part of the meeting. There are no bystanders!
  • Internal meetings are the best places to hone and demonstrate your meeting skills.
  • Always prepare for an external meeting. Clarify what your role is, anticipate what questions might arise, and think about how you might respond.
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