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Adding Humanity Into Your Communications, with Leslie Van Every

Episode 38

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Leslie Van Every is a marcom maven/writer/crafter extraordinaire/mama/lover of all things vintage except vintage beliefs. With more than 20+ years of marketing communications and writing experience, Leslie is invested in helping teach others the power of the written word. Currently, she’s the head of content and communications for Future Family, a company dedicated to helping people afford fertility treatment. As a woman of color whose father was deeply committed to Civil Rights, Leslie picked up the torch and founded Solidarity Sundays; a nationwide activist community started in January 2016 that is still going strong with hundreds of monthly in-person and online meetings.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The importance of clear and consistent messaging in communications
  • Leslie’s efficient process of getting to a positioning statement
  • Why it’s essential to incorporate a human element into your content strategy
  • Leslie’s recommendations that can help anyone getting started in communications become stronger in their craft
  • How a background in communications helped Leslie become an effective activist
  • Themportance of positioning yourself to be in charge of ordering dessert (pro tip: order everything on the dessert menu)


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